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At ECT Sales & Service, we offer a wide range of electrical engineering & repair services to help you succeed. With over 60 years of combined experience on staff, we are able to meet the most demanding residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our services include installation and repair of variable frequency controllers, RVSS starters, TVSS, all types of motor control 0-5KV, retrofits, testing, power factor correction, electric control rooms, motors, transformers, and all types of rebuilt equipment engineering and custom controls. Have a question about a service not listed here? Click here to contact us.

We also provide used or remanufactured guaranteed equipment, just ask us, we supply more than we can list.


On-site, in-house training for:

  1. Variable Frequency Controllers: troubleshooting, programming and repair
  2. Transient Voltage Surge Suppression: proper sizing, location and installation
  3. Lightning Protection: the where what and how of doing it correctly

We were the first kids on the block to apply Variable Frequency Controllers in the intermountain area and do it successfully!  When we first started doing service, it was mostly helping others that had purchase new equipment with the early VFD’s on them and they were having troubles with them tripping or sometimes blowing up.  Several air handler companies were selling their systems with the “newest technology” but did not understand how to size them properly or program them to function correctly within their intended application.  We were pretty busy solving many problems on equipment that had been purchased, installed and never properly commissioned.

From all that early experience, we learn (the hard way) how to apply a VFD properly and have never forgotten our roots.  We love to share our knowledge.  Why?  Because when you are successful, we are successful!  We want our customers to become very knowledgeable and comfortable with the equipment we provide.  That is the main reason for doing as much training as we do. 


  1. On-site troubleshooting and repair
  2. Site Power Quality monitoring
  3. On-site study for one-line development
  4. Power Factor study and recommendations
  5. Surge Suppression study and recommendations
  6. Lightning Suppression study and design
  7. On-site Start-up Service

Custom Fabrication of MCC

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Power Quality Monitoring

Our staff has over 20 years experience working with power monitoring and power monitoring equipment. We use the most current DMI/Dranetz equipment to measure power quality, disturbance monitoring, consumption, as well as do harmonic studies. We have experience helping our clients find multiple solutions, including working with utility companies when necessary. Our experience includes working with:

  1. Three phase voltage
  2. Three phase current
  3. kW
  4. Power factor
  5. Harmonics, V transients, I transients, TH V Harm% and TH I Harm%
  6. Peak volts and peak amps
  7. VA and VAR