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The business that became Electro-Mechanical Corporation started in 1958 in Bristol, Virginia, in a small building on Williams Street. With little equipment and borrowed funds, Electric Motor Repair and Sales began life as an electrical apparatus repair shop. The original building had very limited space. There was only enough room on the first floor for the tear down and the reassembly of the motors. A hole was cut in the floor of the second story to allow the motor to be hoisted to the second floor to be wound. The Company was the first of its kind in the region to offer seven-day, around-the-clock service to its customers.

By the mid 1960s the Company had grown to fifteen Associates and primarily served the region’s textile industry. In 1967, EMC’s largest textile customer went out of business. With other textile customers suffering hard times, the Company redirected its energies toward serving the region’s mining industry under the banner “Into the Mine on Time”.

As its mining motor business grew, several coal customers requested the Company to manufacture underground power centers. Out of the Company’s response to these requests Line Power Manufacturing Corporation was born in 1971. As its power distribution business grew rapidly throughout the 70’s and 80’s Line Power became a leader in its markets.

Acquisitions also fueled EMC’s growth. Respected coil winding equipment manufacturers, Potter Rayfield in Atlanta and James Equipment in Ohio, were acquired in 1983 and later combined to form the present PRJ Equipment Company located at the Goodson Street site.

Metal Castings Company, the Company’s aluminum foundry division was acquired from Alcoa and moved from New York to its present location in Washington County Industrial Park in early 1986.

Federal Pacific Transformer Company was purchased in 1986 and moved from Chicago to its current site at 601 Old Airport Road in Bristol, Virginia. While supplying mining transformers to meet Line Power’s needs, Federal Pacific also rapidly became a major contender in national and international dry-type transformer markets.

In 1987.Electro-Mechanical Corporation acquired a leading manufacturer of padmounted switchgear. It continued to operate for a number of years at its former location in Birmingham, Alabama. In early 1990, this division was relocated to the Line Power site in Bristol.

Machinery Components, the Company’s machining division, grew from within the Line Power operations. Its main concerns were the machining needs of EMR, Line Power Manufacturing and Metal Castings.

Line Power II, which grew from the operations of Line Power, is dedicated to the rebuilding and repair of power distribution equipment for the mining industry.

The Marketing & Sales consolidation of these organizations started in 2000 with the adoption of the name Federal Pacific as the brand name for our chosen markets. We will continue to use the individual company names when and where needed, most notably, Line Power as they are the market leader in the aforementioned underground mining power center market. While we are an organization building many products to various markets we are ONE Company. Federal Pacific. We truly are ONE Company with the Power To Deliver.
But what is Power To Deliver?

First and foremost, Power To Deliver expresses our customer-for-life philosophy. Power To Deliver articulates our commitment to full and complete product lines to fill most customer needs. And when a customer has a special requirement, Power To Deliver is our ability to say, “yes, we will custom-design a solution.” Power To Deliver has been our heritage and ways of doing business for years: proven customer service; superior inventory; broad distribution; and, more convenient ways to do business. Power To Deliver is quick and on-time deliveries, quality, reliability and dependability manufactured into each and every product; people in customer service, not a machine.

Power To Deliver is our responsibility as a company and as individuals to deliver for our customers each and every day.