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    Sales and Manufacturing of Custom Engineered Products

Powercon’s creative achievements have earned it international recognition as an engineering-oriented manufacturer of top quality custom-designed switchgear and specialized electrical power distribution equipment and systems.

Founded in 1954 and headed by a licensed professional electrical engineer, Powercon is staffed by a highly skilled engineering/manufacturing team. Powercon is well-known for it’s quality products and ability to produce standard switchgear, customized switchgear, and specialized control systems to meet specific requirements. Our products are currently serving utilities, government installations, industrial, and commercial complexes worldwide.

Powercon’s products for the electrical power distribution equipment market are the following, all of which are designed and produced to NEMA, IEEE, and ANSI standards:

  • Metal-Enclosed Interrupter Switchgear using load break air interrupter switches* 5kV through 38kV;
  • Metal-Clad Switchgear using air or vacuum circuit breakers including 5kV through 38kV;
  • Metal Enclosed, Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct 5kV through 38kV;
  • Low-voltage switchgear using power circuit breakers;
  • High-voltage switchgear;
  • Outdoor self-contained climatized enclosures for switchgear equipment.
    *The 5 and 15kV Metal-Enclosed Interrupter Switchgear, Switches, Bus System, and Motor Drive are also UL listed.

With its closely coordinated engineering/manufacturing team coupled with comparatively low overhead, Powercon is consistently and significantly more competitive in its pricing than all other leading U.S. manufacturers of similar type equipment. Effective production control techniques insure that Powercon is able to offer significantly faster delivery than its competitors. Additionally, where necessary, we are often in a position to advance or adjust delivery schedules to accommodate customer needs.

Powercon’s modern switchgear facilities include production machinery, most of which is computer controlled.

We produce all of our own steel structures and weldments. Equipment assembly is done entirely at our facility with many pieces of the equipment tied together through a direct numerical control network. Subcontracting is primarily limited to the purchasing of components, with circuit breakers and protective relays making up the higher dollar volume.

Metal-Clad and Metal-Enclosed equipment application requirements have ranged from a single cubicle cell to lineups containing many load break air interrupter switches and/or vacuum breakers. Since Powercon is a custom equipment supplier, there is no limit of equipment configurations that can or have been supplied.

Our custom designed equipment is manufactured in accordance with ANSI C37.20; that in itself is an advantage. As we are sensitive to our customer’s particular configuration of features, we do not force product line “Company Standards” onto the customer. The breadth of our switchgear product lines have design features including all copper bus, 11 gauge sheet steel throughout and porcelain insulators in all bus paths to ground for voltages above 5kV. Our main strength is heavy duty, high quality equipment built to customer specifications.

Powercon’s constant and strict adherence to fully documented, plant-wide quality control procedures has contributed significantly to its growing list of repeat customers. Additionally, our quality products are supported, on a world-wide basis, by a staff of field service engineers who are available to provide:

  • Supervision, Equipment Installation, and Start-up
  • Instruction on Preventive and Routine Maintenance Procedures
  • In-Warranty Service
  • Emergency Service
  • Research and Development at Powercon is focused primarily on Applied Engineering projects. Several examples included ground and test devices for vacuum breaker cells, load break interrupter switches, draw out 38kV vacuum circuit breakers, Metal-Clad switchgear and group operated high current disconnect switches.

All of Powercon’s equipment whether it be standard or custom is produced to the customer’s specifications and delivery schedule. Shipping splits are adjusted to accommodate field installation with many special maintenance features added to comply with the service requirements for the particular customer’s switchgear.