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    UL 508A Certified
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    Sales and Manufacturing of Custom Engineered Products

E.C.T. Sales & Service is a Utah-based electrical engineering sales and service company established in 2000. We sell a wide variety of products including variable frequency controllers, solid state starters, motors and motor controls, switchgear, and AC or DC support equipment.

Additionally, we offer unmatched on-site and in-house repair services; such as solid-state board repair, custom fabrication and on-site service of motor control equipment, power quality monitoring, and PLC programming.

Because it is our belief that service is first, and satisfied customer and sales are the result; we are committed to helping our customers succeed through providing innovative services; such as our Resources section, on-site trainings; and publish our own continuing education articles via The Sine Wave.

Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon, owner and founder of ECT Sales & Service, has over 25 years experience working in the electrical field. Scott started in the industry building electrical control panels while attending night school. He found a passion for the profession in 1983, when he began working with variable frequency controllers and became facinated it’s workings. In 1988 he began working for a local electrical distributor, where he was quickly promoted to Shop Manager, eventually becoming the Engineering Manager for the company. In 2000, Scott founded ECT Sales & Service, and has never looked back. Throughout his career in the industry, he has attended factory trainings with a large variety of companies, including: Toshiba, Acuity Vision Systems, Emerson, and Siemens. Additionally, Scott has served as Factory Field Serviceman for US Drives, Inc., DNH Industries, Hitachi, AC Tech, Toshiba, Acuity Vision Systems, TECO Westinghouse, and various other electrical companies. To date, he and his wife Tammy find continued satisfaction owning and managing ECT Sales & Service.
Tammy Gordon
Vice President
Tammy has been working in the Electrical Business for 30 years now since she helped her father start his business, Bob Green Electrical in 1980. She has done everything in the business including Accounting, Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Purchasing, Human Resource, Payroll, Marketing and Top Level Management. She has been a EMT and has worked as a Medical Assistant in a doctors office in the past, mostly as second jobs while helping her father get his company started. Once BGE was on it feet, she started working full time for Bob until he sold the company in 1999. Tammy continued to work at the company after the sale until which time when she could make the change and join Scott at E.C.T. Since that time, she has completed the team and been a large part of the success of the company. Tammy probably knows more about electrical motors than most people in the business since this was a passion of her fathers. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the electrical industry and can size and specify parts for most all applications. Tammy and Scott have worked together in the industry for the past 25 years. When asked how she does it, she usually replies “What?” cute but not true. She is currently the Vice President of E.C.T. and is anchor for the company. She is the HR person, Payroll department, Accounting department manager, (yes, with this she actually has help) and also takes care of her customers doing inside sales all day. We are all very lucky to have her as an invaluable resource for the company.
Terril Williams
Sales Partner
Terril has been a sales partner with us since 2003 when we joined forces. Terril has many years experience in the industrial sales market here in Utah and also in many adjoining states that stems from his early days working for Westinghouse. Terril currently covers accounts all over the state as well as many customers in Nevada. He is a valuable member of the team and is very well liked and trusted by all of his customers. He is always the first one in the office every morning and is always available on his cell phone, even when on vacation. He is everything a salesperson should be and then some.
Zachary Gordon
Zach started working at E.C.T. in 2002 when he was a junior in high school. He enrolled in the work release program at Riverton High School and worked afternoons at the shop. Zach started out assisting in the fabrication shop and doing what ever needed to be done. Zachary graduated from Salt Lake Community College with an associate’s degree in business and marketing. He is now the manager of the shop and assists in inside sales as well as answering technical questions from customers. We have big plans for “Mister Muscles” in the future.
Karla Howe
Karla has worked with us for many years now doing inside sales as well our in-house repair coordination. Karla is normally the first one to answer the phone even if the receptionist is at her desk. Karla is a unique individual that usually keeps customers entertained while still doing whatever it takes to fill the need at the time. People ask me all the time to describe her and my answer is, “she has an exterior that looks and sounds like plate steel but if you put a chink in it, it will run all over you”. What would we do without her?
Mike Farr
Mike has worked with us for many years also. He does inside sales, procures parts for all the shop jobs and manages inventory. Mike is our “Paperwork” person and does a great job of everything he does. In Mike’s military days, he was a Navigation/reconnaissance office in an F-4 Phantom for the Air Force. Now you understand why he is good with paperwork and the details. Mike is the go to person for all of our in-house fabrication projects paperwork, records and parts.
Brandan Gordon
Brandan is our youngest son and has worked for us now since he was a senior in high school. Brandan assists his brother in our fabrication shop and also takes care of the warehouse tasks as far as shipping and receiving. Brandan has always been a “hands- on” person and loves to build things so the shop is a great fit for him. He gets great satisfaction from taking a bunch of parts and assembling them into a working piece of equipment for us to send to a customer. Brandan is our golfer, outdoorsman and is proficient with a gun and a fishing rod.